>> My encounter with tatting

My encounter with tatting


Once I got into my hands old magazine and it had, among other things, photo of lace blankets, made using unknown technique. I remembered that this is the lace, studded collar keen on the dress my mother. At the time I decided to learn this technique. In past there was not enough access to  information, as it is today, in Internet age. After a long search, I managed to find a lady that was willing to consult over the phone. Later we encountered, creating a beautiful friendship between us. The lady called Vera Hronzová from Hradec Kralove, who I want to thank. Then followed the stubborn, but wonderful experience and it continues today. The reward for my efforts is that I own in the field of tatting CERTIFICATES from the Czech Republic and expertise in the field CERTIFICATE tatting from abroad. My articles are a delight not only in the Czech Republic but also in several EU and overseas.



My former tatting with a lot of beginner mistakes, which the course of several years with a smile like coming back.   

Tatting Tatting
                       I. - II. 2007                                                       I. - II. 2007

Tatting Tatting


The detailed enlargement of these four images show that the work has not distinguished back and face. At that time, in early 2007, I was in the Czech Republic with this aware of the issue. Help came in late  2007 from abroad. Then another part of these samples was made.

                     XI. - XII. 2007                                                  XI. - XII. 2007




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