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What is a tatter ?



    I often encounter question, what actually is the tatting. The answer is very simple. Tatting is a kind of handmade lace, made with appropriate linking yarn string with tatting shuttle or tatting needles formed nodules and subsequently, according to their number in various combinations of fascinating patterns consisting of wheels, curves, tears and other shapes. With tatting you can create not only the various ornaments and blankets, but nowadays a very popular fashion accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on. The origin of tatting is inaccurate speculation, but in the old literature is evidence that it found its greatest popularity in Europe in the 16th - 17 century, when it people from higher circles decorated their clothing - collars, inserts, sleeves, ruffles, etc. Since then passed tatting precarious times and nearly fell into obscurity. It is just as well that it did not happen and that has found its place among us, its admirers.




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