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    When I recently learned to hold tatter shuttle, I got several pictures of tatters from

my friend. She did not know where they came from, but she assumed it was from her

mother overseas, she got from her sister from overseas, along with clothing cuts.

Looking at them reminded me strange twist, which I will never be able to decipher, let alone tie.

I thanked, imposed images and forgot about them. I recently found them and when I get them

looked more closely, I realized that they are not nearly as difficult as it initially

appeared and this flower is particularly suitable for beginners. If we would

like to have a single color, as depicted, we work one

hook and a ball only the obverse side, so no need to watch your back

and cheek. The advantage is also that when an error occurs, a very easy to steam.

We have a bunch of six, seven, eight-piece as anyone likes.




I attached Necklaces with Czech cordonett No. 30 and

for fun I have used , as is my custom, way of inserting beads

- Kalvya with Jablonec beads.



     While I at best unable to trace the original author

this proposal, I thank him for the nice moments that bind me to this flower



                                                                                                               8. 5. 2010

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